Reverent Entertainment welcomes contributors

If you have interesting materials (quizzes, essays or something else) in spirit of our website we will consider them for publication.

Many things from Reverent Entertainment website were discussed in thousands of blogs and forums and also on TV, on radio and in newspapers. This is why any material posted on our website is guaranteed thousands of viewers. For example my first quiz True art, or fake? which I produced in September 2003 was since taken by over 212 thousands people. The essay Disumbrationist School of Painting which I wrote in May 2006 was since read by over 19 thousands people.

At present almost everything presented on Reverent Entertainment website was produced by me alone. An exception is the Masterpiece of minimalism, or affordable furniture? quiz, which I produced in collaboration with Graydon Parrish. It was published in November 2007 and since was taken by over 39 thousands people.

If you have any suggestions please write to us.

Mikhail Simkin
September 16, 2008