Pavel Jerdanowich ne se contente pas de suivre les chemins ordinaires de l'art. Il préfère découvrir, dans ce domaine, des régions escarpées, même s'il doit entrevoir des abîmes. Son esprit se complait dans le vertige, et il est en proie a des angoisses esthétiques au, ne vont pas sans souffrance.

[Pavel Jerdanowich is not satisfied to follow the beaten paths of art. He prefers to discover new lands, explore the heights, and peer into the abysses. His spirit delights in intoxication, and he is a prey to aesthetic agonies which are not experienced without suffering.]

--Comte Chabrier, Revue du Vrai et du Beau

International Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest

The contest is named after the founder and supreme master of the Disumbrationist School of Art.

The challenge is to produce the worst picture ever painted.

Submit your daub!
(jpeg or gif, 200KB maximum).

ATTENTION: There will be no 2015 contest. All paintings submitted for 2015 contest will be entered for 2016 contest.

The Losers of the 2014 contest are Matt Sanna and Dustin Khebzou from Philadelphia.

The artistic collaboration signed their masterpiece with the chalk name "Stud Powers." The losers are awarded a certificate of dishonor.

True Realities of Untapped Potential by Stud Powers

Results of the 2014 contest

Submit your daub for the 2016 contest (jpeg or gif, 200KB maximum).

The deadline is April 1st 2016. Afterward the paintings will be displayed on this webpage and the visitors will be offered to vote. The Loser will be announced on September 1, 2016.

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