Author Topic: Social and political commentaries in Art  (Read 6094 times)


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Social and political commentaries in Art
« on: January 28, 2008, 05:06:18 AM »
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is not a secret that after the democratic Orange Revolution in Ukraine there is a little more freedom in mass media but still there is not freedom in the human right of selfexpression. The example of this is my art. I am Ukrainian artist and my art is forbidden (underground) in Ukraine. I would like to invite you to my exhibition on the Internet:! You could see that I have very original style and technique as well (ball-point pen).
Today even after the democratic Orange Revolution in Ukraine our galleries still refuse me to make my art show. Because I use the social and political commentaries. But thanks to democratic US I had some time ago my art-show at "State of the Arts Gallery" in Sarasota, Florida. And one show in one of Kyiv's cafes, it was because the owner is from Great Britain.
Now some of my works are placed in Beeldkracht Gallery (Netherlands).
Maybe you would like to buy some of my art pieces or order a portrait.
I hope you'll visit my site and answer my letter. I also would appreciate if you tell your friends and colleagues about my web-site and ask them to visit it. That could be a real help for me.
Serhiy Kolyada,
Ukrainian artist- postmodernist.