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Digg rigged


Mikhail Simkin:
You may beleive that Digg fairly promotes webpages based on the number of diggs? I have a proof that this is not the case.

Yesterday I registered a small stream of referrals to my website from Digg. I followed the link in my access log and arrived at where my "artist or ape" page was in the left column on the fourth place with 32 diggs. However, it was absent in the right column "hot in design" which they include in feeds. At the same time "hot" column included pages with only 4 diggs. Somehow for Digg 4 diggs is hot but 32 is not.

At the moment my webpage is absent even from the left column, but I saved a screenshot

Here is what my webpage finally got on Digg

51 diggs, 4 comments

In contrast, on the Spanish language social bookmark site

it got 378 meneos and 99 comentarios and was on their front page for many hours. This is despite that my page is in English.

Some weird things must be happening on Digg.

If so, what should I do?

I know a whole lot more.

This information is very helpful to me.

We are studying this as well.

??????????? harem


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