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These responses arrived from hard-core Al Franken fans:

I took the challenge and I got 6 out of 10... While you may think I only guessed at the quiz, I did truly study each statement for the flavor of Al's wit and the lack of yours. There was actually only one statement I thought was Al's of yours and now that I reread it, I am hard-pressed to say why. For one thing, it really does not make any sense, for another, it has neither the comic-timing or punch or panache that Al exhibits most fluently. On the other hand, one can surely have an off day, even Al and therefore, the ones I attributed to you, while unrecognizable to me, may not have been spot-on brilliant as I have come to expect of Al. Now, I can take an insullt as well as anyone, but forgive me if I think little of you or your little quotes. I don't think anyone will ever be inviting you to write a book, save our Democracy or host your own radio show. Nor will anyone ever give you any time of the day at all in my own humble opinion. (Unless of course you are Al, playing a little joke by sparring against himself with someone wholly less worthy.) I doubt it, simply because Al cannot hide his talent too well, even upon trying his damnedest.

70%.A number of the Franken quotes you posted were perhaps rather esoteric and relatively unremarkable and not representative of Franken's best work and so the difficulty is in determining whether some of the actual Franken quotes quite measure up to a caliber to be that of Franken's or rather that of a lack luster poor man's Franken wannabe such as yourself. It's certainly not that your jokes are anything to write home about it's more that the Franken quotes you provide are perhaps semi-entertaining at best.
--Bob Dobalina

I selected the best Franken's jokes I could find. I read "Lies..." completely and found only three which could compete with mine. I had to read "Truth..." to find another two.
--Mikhail Simkin
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