Let us be fair to Malevich

Sometimes I hear the objection that in my test True art, or fake? there is a flaw. You see, to evaluate the quality one needs to see not a small image on the monitor, but a big painting in a museum.

I admit that this objection has some merit. If one looks, for example, on the image of Karl Brullov's painting The Last Day of Pompeii on a computer screen it is hard to see anything.


Therefore to give a fair representation of the art of the artist one needs to show magnified fragments:

http://reverent.org/Images/russian_art/pompeii-1.jpg http://reverent.org/Images/russian_art/pompeii-2.jpg

Let us be fair to Malevich as well. Here is his painting Black Square

True art, or fake?
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And here are the magnified fragments of this masterpiece of visual art:

http://reverent.org/Images/russian_art/malevich_fragment_1.jpg http://reverent.org/Images/russian_art/malevich_fragment_2.jpg http://reverent.org/Images/russian_art/malevich_fragment_3.jpg

Are my opponents now happy?

Mikhail Simkin