2007 Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest Results

The Loser of the 2007 contest is kunst/gruppe olga

They are a group of young artists from Graz, Austria.

Untitled by kunst/gruppe olga

With this picture the art-technology-philosophy group "kunst/gruppe olga" wants to explore the actual power of conformism in modern art and to enable the viewer to get an idea of the creation of interdisciplinary art work (eating & painting). This is a political statement against Neoconservativism and the fragmentation of our society. Here kunst/gruppe olga represents a radical point of view: art is anything - anything is art.

Badness: 0.48

Badness is the fraction of the voters which selected the painting as the worst. Each voter was shown five randomly selected paintings. Therefore the average badness is 0.2. The maximum possible badness is one and the minimum possible badness is zero.

On the second place is Simon Eberhard, a three-year-old from Germany

Untitled by Simon Eberhard

Badness: 0.475

On the third place is Teodora

Butterfly by Teodora

Badness: 0.47

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True art, or not?

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