2008 Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest Results

The Loser of the 2008 contest is Olga Krolik.

Olga is a designer from Belarus.

Her picture was selected the worst by our voters. Every visitor to the contest's mainpage was offered to vote and about two thousand did so this year. The "Untitled" by Olga Krolik achived badness of 0.53. Badness is the fraction of the voters which selected the painting as the worst. Each voter was shown five randomly selected paintings. Therefore the average badness is 0.2. The maximum possible badness is one and the minimum possible badness is zero.

Untitled by Olga Krolik

Artists' choice

Our jury, which consists of a limited number of distinguished artists, selected "Retina Failure" by Serhiy Che, an Art Director for an advertising agency from Ukraine. Our jury included 21st century artist Kurt Hinterbichler and kunst/gruppe olga. Both Kurt Hinterbichler and kunst/gruppe olga (kunst/gruppe achieved this important decision during its general assembly in Brussels on August 2, 2008, where 7 out of 12 members of the group were present) selected "Retina Failure" as the worst painting.

Retina Failure by Serhiy Che

Webmaster's choice

The webmaster's choice is "Untitled" by the artist, painting under brush-name Kazyafka. She is a student from Ukraine.

Untitled by Kazyafka

This is a composition. The two pictures are inseparable. Here is my inner world. I was alone, but now there is more of me. This is my declaration of love for one who is white among black, but black among whites...

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