2013 Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest Results

The Loser of the 2013 contest is Oxana Durysvit from Ukraine.

Childhood is already not what it was by Oxana Durysvit

Badness: 0.44

Badness is the fraction of the voters which selected the painting as the worst. Each voter was shown five randomly selected paintings. Therefore the average badness is 0.2. The maximum possible badness is one and the minimum possible badness is zero.

This year Jerdanowitch Jr's choice coincides with voters' choice:

Pale and drawn after long consideration in my personal vomitorium, Childhood is already not what it was by Oxana Durysvit wins my vote. In this execrable work, the artist displays that absolute absence of artistic ability that so endears one to genuine talent. So many of this year's submissions were simply boring, which is not bad enough. Others showed the dying glimmer of enfeebled talent, which immediately disqualified them. I found this daub far more compelling of queasiness and regurgitation than others in this year's sewage. Meaninglessness, though a factor, was in this case less influential than artistic imbecility and sheer ineptness. Pavel Jerdanowitch (the first) would have been proud. Or turning in his grave.

Webmaster's choice is Noughts and crosses produced by a group of nine artists.

Noughts and crosses by Vitaly Mironov, Yuri Karapaev, Mikhail Abakumov, Valeri Busygin, Victor Lukyanov, Andrey Bukin, Victor Khristanov, Evgeniy Burmakin, Dmitry Levin.

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