2016 Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest Results

The Loser of the 2016 contest is Igor Kanifolsky, a Psychiatrist from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Mother by Igor Kanifolsky

Badness: 0.714

Badness is the fraction of the voters which selected the painting as the worst. Each voter was shown five randomly selected paintings. Therefore the average badness is 0.2. The maximum possible badness is one and the minimum possible badness is zero.

Jerdanowitch Jr's choice is the untitled painting by Elena Scripacheva from Russia. The artist painted her masterpiece without any use of a brush but with bare fingers.

While many entries warranted such praiseworthy terms as "awful," "terrible," or, "wretched," I chose Elena Scripacheva's untitled piece because it best reflects the original intentions of Pavel Jerdanowitch: namely, to show how paintings devoid of technical proficiency, artistic sensibility, and talent could nevertheless win the hearts of morons. Of all the wonderfully ghastly works submitted this year, Elena's is the one best suited to adorn the halls of those with fantastic art appreciation skills, such as Donald Trump and his golfing buddies, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

Pavel Jerdanowitch, II

DISCLAIMER: Pavel Jerdanowitch Jr. expresses here his own worldview, which he is entitled to have. The administration of Reverent.org does not share this view and has deep respect for Kim Jong-un, Putin, Trump, and, of course, Mussolini.

Untitled by Elena Scripacheva

Webmaster's choice is Metamorphosis of modern discourse by Alex Blokhuis. A native of Netherlands he is currently doing a PhD in Physics in Paris.

Metamorphosis of modern discourse by Alex Blokhuis

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