Japanese word gaijin, which means a foreigner, consists of two pictograms. The first means evening and the second means a person. Why does combination of these pictures denote a foreigner?

Marble, or not?

Is this true marble, or linoleum imitation? Can you say just by looking at this photo?

Instant Oatmeal

The preparation instructions printed on the package of instant oatmeal are as follows:

Empty packet into microwaveable bowl. Add 2/3 cup water or milk. Microwave on HIGH 1 minute 30 seconds (1 minute 45 seconds when using milk); stir.

Why when we use milk we should microwave 15 seconds longer?

Strange Skier

Can this possibly mean anything? Yes, the picture has a clear meaning. You will be surprised how simple it is when you get it. The picture initially was designed as the emblem of, representing it's webmaster Mikhail Simkin. Unfortunately, only about one in a hundred immediately gets its meaning. So we can't use it as an emblem and decided to class it as a puzzle. The picture was painted by Denis Haziev after the concept by Mikhail Simkin.

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